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The sales tax automation driving the world’s largest corporations is now available for your small and medium-sized business clients.

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Ever-changing legislation around sales and use tax and the heightened risk of audits for small and mid-sized businesses has created big opportunities for CPAs to expand the trusted advisor role. 

With the new Sales Tax Automation Program, you can simply refer clients to the program, providing them the tools required to effectively manage sales and use tax, or you can leverage the solution in-firm to add another lucrative revenue stream. Either way presents yet another opportunity to further your client-accountant relationship. 

It’s simple: Manage Sales and Use Tax and Only Pay for What You Use

The program provides sales and use tax automation across the board to support clients in all areas and ensure compliance:

Calculations and Returns in One Solution

Perform tax calculations and generate signature-ready PDF returns in one solution.

Consumer Use Tax

Calculate consumer use tax and file consumer use tax returns.

Exemption Certificate Management

Store, update and maintain exemption certificates.

Rate Files

Download rate files by state or upload addresses for specific business needs and access tax rate files.

Returns Only Offering

Upload tax data files from any data source and generate signature-ready PDF returns. Access analytics to determine if tax calculations are accurate. Signature-ready PDF returns are available for the CPA firm to provide to the client, to file and remit for their client, or to appoint Vertex to handle for them.

Additionally, integration with mid-market ERPs and ecommerce platforms are available — providing enhanced capability for sales and use tax calculations specific to the native ERP, accounting system or ecommerce platform.

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